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Filmmaking Hardware for iPad and iPod

2015-2016 Update of Gear Choices:

  1. Rode VideoMic Me—Exclusively for iOS devices (and other smart phones); does not need an adapter cable; plugs directly into iOS device
  2. Rode VideoMicro—For small cameras; needs no battery, but you do need an adapter cable (see below) to go into an iOS device.
  3. Rode - SC7 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Patch Cable

This is what you were provided:

  1. iPad 3 w/ cover (64 GB)
  2. Rode Video Mic Kit (includes boom, mic, shock mount, extension cable)
  3. Audio adapter (you need to plug the Rode mic into this, not the iPad itself)
  4. Makayama Tripod Mount for iPad 3
  5. Makayama Tripod Mount for iPad Mini
  6. Makayama Tripod Mount for iPad Air
  7. Manfrotto 394 Tripod/head
  8. Apple Camera Connection kit (bring other video into the iPad)
  9. 500 GB 7200 RPM drive (use this, not your iPad for long term storage of projects or finished videos)
  10. $50 iTunes Redemption Card (not really hardware; for film apps ONLY)
  11. iStabilizer—fits any tablet and cheap, but no cold shoe for mounting microphone

Other Stuff you may find interesting: