Green Screen Techniques

Green Screen Materials For Checkout

  1. 3 collapsible green screen backgrounds (about 3 feet x 5 feet; can be tough to fold back again)
  2. Green Screen Kit
    1. 8 feet x 9 feet green screen background
    2. 2 soft-box lights
    3. 2 light stands/4 cross-bar segments (use 3 of them for this backdrop)
    4. 2 bulbs (HOT—be careful!!!)
      • 500 watt ECT bulb
      • B&H Link
      • Let cool before dismantling
    5. Training DVD (probably worth watching)
  3. Background Hanging Kit to hold the green screen from above
    1. 2 stands
    2. 4 poles across the top (use 3 of them for the kit above)

Top 10 Green Screen Filming Techniques

    1. Limit shadows and wrinkles
    2. Keep lighting diffuse, not harsh. Typical classroom lighting does this pretty well (you may need to cover windows)
    3. Make sure subject has nothing green on (unless you want it invisible; think: disembodied floating head)
    4. Have subject stand at least 3-4 feet away from green screen; more if possible to avoid spill
    5. Avoid curly, frizzy hair (Yul Brynner Andre Agassi=Good; Don King=Bad)
    6. The less movement, the better
    7. Make sure all action to be include has green behind it, but it's OK if the edges of the frame don't have green. You can create a Garbage Matte to get rid of those non-green areas.
    8. If you plan on using extra lights, light the subject just as you would if it weren't Green Screen, but keep spill off of the screen
    9. Try to have your subject lighting similar to background clip lighting so the two shots look organic together (consider angle of light, intensity, color, etc.)
    10. Have talent leave frame at end of take for a second or two to film just pure background (mainly for iMovie '09)

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