Project LIVE Hall of Fame

This page highlights some of the many award-winning curriculum-based videos created by Project LIVE participants and their students since 2003. Every year, participants enter examples of their craft into the iVIE Awards, one of the premiere K-12 film festivals in the country. They are sometimes entered into other media festivals, such as the Escondido Youth Media Festival (EYMF) or the California Student Media Festival.

See many of our Award winning student videos on our YouTube Site.

 EYMF 2018 Winners All winners link   EYMF 2018
 Christmas Traditions Ms. Reyes 5 Elementary Cross Curricular 2018 iVIE
 Ban Disposable Plastic Bear Valley Middle 6-8     Zero Waste 2018 iVIE
 Game Over Mission Middle School 6-8 Grand Recognition Award 2018 iVIE
 We Are All Human     Quantum Academy 6-8   PSA 2018 iVIE
 EYMF 2017 Winners All winners link   EYMF 2017
 The Aztec Dance Mission Middle School  6-8 Global Village iVIE 2017
 How-to Play Capture the Flag Juniper Elementary K-5 How-to iVIE 2017
 The Burger Bench Mission Middle School 6-8 News Program iVIE 2017
 Why is Language so Cool L.R. Green K-5Global Village iVIE 2017
 What do you see when you look in the Mirror? Suzanne Catalanotto 5 3-5 Class EYMF
 The End Tamara Whitney 678 Special Category California Student Media Festival, 
 Life Processes: We aren't Alive?  Suzanne Catalanotto 5 Special Category California Student Media Festival
 Paws for the News: The How To Suzanne Catalanotto 5 Elementary News Broadcast California Student Media Festival
 Area for Real Liz Henderson 3-5    3-5 How-to  2016 iVIE
 Making it Rain Olivia Hannigan K-2     Bill Simpson Award  2016 iVIE, California Student Media Festival, EYMF
 How to Build a Mentos Rocket Kim Buhler 3-5 3-5 STEAM  2016 iVIE
 Manny Can! Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Documentary  2016 iVIE, California Student Media Festival
 Because She's a Girl Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 PSA  2016 iVIE
 The Creeper Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Digital Citizenship 2016 iVIE
 Unity Day Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Student News 2016 iVIE
 Big Bank Bully Tamara Whitney 678Red Eye 24 hr. Competition 2016 iVIE 
 Spending Wisely Mitchell de Neve and Kim Buhler 678 Financial Prudence 2015 iVIE, California Student Media Festival
 Best of MTV Tamara Whitney 678 News California Student Media Festival
 How to Make a Piñata Crystal Waterman K-5 Special Education California Student Media Festival    
 P.A.L.S. Cindy Krier and Liz Henderson 4 After School/Extra Curricular California Student Media Festival
 Shadows of the Past Suzanne Catalanotto 5 Special Award California Student Media Festival
Friends in ASL Olivia Hannigan K-5 Foreign Language California Student Media Festival
 Unbridled Love Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Grand Recognition 2015 iVIE Grand Recognition
 One Day... Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Drug Prevention 2015 iVIE
 Adventures of Howard Carter and Waterboy Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Humanities: Ancient Egypt 2015 iVIE, California Student Media Festival
 Electro Zombies Tamara Whitney 678 PSA: Digital Media 2015 iVIE, California Student Media Festival
 Drop, Cover, Hold Suzanne Catalanotto 5 PSA: Earthquake Safety 2015 iVIE, California Student Media Festival
 Every Choice Counts Terri Price 3-5 PSA: Decision making  2014 California Student Media Festival, 2014 iVIE Special Recognition
 Crosswalk Angel Terri Price 3-5 PSA: Safety  2014 California Student Media Festival
 Everyone Deserves a Name Crystal Waterman K-2 Special Education 2014 California Student Media Festival
 Kids Worry, Too Kellie Stawicki 2 PSA: Worrying 2014 EYMF
 Care More Dave Peterson 5 PSA: Littering 2014 EYMF
 Regresando a Mis Raíces 
(Going Home)
 Tamara Whitney 678 Global Village 2014 iVIE Grand Recognition, 2014 California Student Media Festival, 2014 EYMF
 Life Rocks Tamara Whitney 678         6-8 PSA: Responsible choices 2014 iVIE,  2014 California Student Media Festival
 Build a Better House Dave Peterson 5 3-5 PSA: Nutrition 2014 iVIE
 Cooking with Chemistry     Chuck Nichols and Kim Buhler 4 3-5 Science: Food chemistry 2014 iVIE
 Eat, Potty, Play Mike Tillyer K K-2 Cross Curricular 2014 iVIE
 Shopping Trip Terri Price 3-5 3-5 Language Arts: Nutrition 2014 iVIE Special Recognition
 Follow the 4 Dont's Suzanne Catalanotto 5 3-5 PSA: Safety 2014 iVIE Special Recognition
 Behind the Scenes in the Cafeteria Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Broadcast Journalism: School Cafeteria 2014 iVIE Special Recognition
 Redemption Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Broadcast Journalism: Gang dangers 2014 iVIE Special Recognition, 2014 California Student Media Festival
 Living in the Shadows Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Language Arts: Immigration 2014 iVIE Special Recognition
 The Bully Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 PSA: Bullying 2014 iVIE Special Recognition

 Forgiveness Albert Ngo 678 6-8 PSA: Forgiveness 2013 EYMF
 Art for All Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Broadcast Journalism 2013 iVIE
 Accept, Don't Reject Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 PSA: Inclusion 2013 iVIE
 Lexy's Story Tamara Whitney 678 6-8 Language Arts 2013 iVIE, 2013 EYMF
 Random Acts of Kindness     Jo-Ann Fox 5 PSA: Be Kind 2013 California Student Media Festival, 2013 EYMF
 What is 100? Mike Tillyer K K-2: Cross Curricular 2013 iVIE, 2013 California Student Media Festival, 2013 EYMF
 That's Adaptation    Kim Buhler  4 3-5 Science: Adaptation 2013 iVIE
Cheetos Revolution Suzanne Catalannotto 5 3-5 Language Arts/History: Nutrition    2012 iVIE Grand Recognition, Elementary
 Hope Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 Language Arts/History: Dealing with Tragedy  2012 iVIE Grand Recognition, Middle School
 Mission Possible Tamara Whitney  8 6-8 Broadcast Journalism: Mission Middle School2012 iVIE 
 It Isn't Easy Going Green  Colin Hanel
 5 3-5 Math/Science: Environment 2012 iVIE
 Human Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 PSA: Self Awareness 2012 iVIE, 2012 EYMF
 How Far Will a Dollar Go?  Randy Hernandez/Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 History/Social Science: Economics 2012 iVIE
 It Begins With Me Jo Ann Fox  2 K-2 Cross Curricular: Making a difference  2012 iVIE Special Recognition
  Showdown at Reidy Creek Kellie Stawicki  2 K-2 Cross Curricular: Playground rules  2012 iVIE Special Recognition, 2012 EYMF
 Mummification in Ancient Egypt  Patty Anderson  6786-8 History/Social Science: Ancient Egypt 2012 iVIE Special Recognition
 The Cycle of Life Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 PSA: Drugs  2012 iVIE Special Recognition
 California Regions Kim Buhler 5 3-5 Social Studies: Geography 2012 EYMF
 The Revenge Kim Buhler 5 3-5 Language Arts: Anger Management 2012 EYMF
 I Am Me Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 PSA: Self Awareness 2012 EYMF
 Zombies! Nicole Koncur 2 Language Arts: Parts of a Story iVIE 2011 Special Recognition
 TV Zombies Chuck Nichols 4 PSA: Television iVIE 2011 Special Recognition
 Worms Rock! Chuck Nichols 4 Science: Worms iVIE 2011 Special Recognition
 Words Matter Robyn Solomich 678 PSA: Words Matter iVIE 2011 Special Recognition
 Soaring Over California Biomes Terri Price 4 3-5 Math/ScienceiVIE 2011 Special Recognition 
Chemical Showdown Movie Trailer  Albert Ngo 678 6-8 Math/Science iVIE 2011
 Recycle Rap! Courtney Simson 6 PSA: Environmental Services iVIE 2011, EYMF 2011
 Are You a Bully? Suzanne Catalanotto 5     PSA: Bullying iVIE 2011, EYMF 2011
 Words Hurt Tamara Whitney 678 PSA: Verbal Awareness iVIE 2010
 The Solar System Astrid Martin 3 Science: Solar System iVIE 2010
 The Missing Link Tamara Whitney 678 Science: New Frontiers iVIE 2010
 Keepers of the Wild Terri Price 4 Science: Elephant Survival iVIE 2010
 Extraordinary Parents Elvi Mackintosh 3 PSA: Good Parenting iVIE 2010
 Captain Waterpants Liz Fish 5 PSA: Water AwarenessiVIE Special Recognition 2010
 Cloudy with a Chance of Anything Suzanne Catalanotto 5 Science: WeatheriVIE Special Recognition 2010
 The 411 on Fire Drills Tamara Whitney 678 PSA: Fire Drill SafetyiVIE Special Recognition 2010
 From Me-blies to We-blies Courtney Simson 5 Language Arts/Humanities: InclusivenessiVIE Special Recognition 2010
 Please Don't Wrinkle Me JoAnn Fox 2 K-2 Cross CurriculariVIE Special Recognition 2010
 ROCK: Making the Band Debbie Ward 2 K-2 Cross CurriculariVIE Special Recognition 2010
 Jack the Dripper  Lebrac Fletes  4  Language arts: Biography iVIE Special Recognition 2009
 Open Your Eyes to Hunger  Terri Price  TOSA  PSA: Hunger Awareness  iVIE 2009
 The Conflict Escalator  Lisa Coogan  678  PSA: Conflict Management  iVIE 2009
 Comprehension Experts     Chia Grossmann  4  Language Arts: Reading Comprehension  iVIE 2009
 Channel B News  D. Barney, T. Mattox  678  Language Arts: Broadcast Journalism  iVIE 2009
 Slip Away  Tamara Whitney  678  PSA: Depression  iVIE 2009
 Prepositions...and All That Jazz!  Courtney Simson  5      Language Arts: Prepositions  iVIE 2009
 Little Monkeys     Connie Blackburn  K  Playground Rules  iVIE 2009
Cam Stevenson M. de Neve, H. Peterson 4,5 Visual Arts: Video Production iVIE 2009
Divine Comprehension Terri Price TOSA Language Arts: Reading Comprehehsion California Student Media Festival 2008
The Number Line Dance C. Cardona/ T. Whitney 678 Math: Positive, Negative Numbers iVIE 2008
E! True Colonial Story Kristin Demofonte 5th Social Studies: Colonial History iVIE 2008
We're All Welcome Here Wendy Alcock 3rd PSA: Inclusion iVIE 2008
Rock Video Chris Oden 5th Science: Rocks iVIE 2008
An Alien Made Me Wireless Scott Soucy 2nd Math: Standard Notation iVIE 2008
EL Chocolate Shannon Svensen 678 Social Studies: Natural Resources iVIE 2008
Pebble in the Pond Mitchell de Neve 5th PSA: Create Change in the World iVIE 2008
Making a Difference Michael de Neve 6th PSA: Making a Difference iVIE Special Recognition 2008
School House News Kim Buhler 4th Broadcast Journalism: Mountain Lions iVIE Special Recognition 2008
Yes, You Can! Courtney Simson 5th Language Arts: Personal Narrative iVIE Special Recognition 2008
Vincent Lebrac Fletes 2nd Art: Vincent Van Gogh iVIE Special Recognition 2008
Rob Shepherd
Math: Fractions
M. de Neve, T. Price
PSA: Technology and equity
M. de Neve, T. Price
Social Studies: Civil Rights
Mitchell de Neve
Math: Absolute Value
iVIE Special Recognition
Rob Shepherd
Math: Point, Radius, Diameter
Heather Peterson
Math: Fractions, Decimals, Percent
iVIE Special Recognition
Mitchell de Neve
PSA: Technology
Mitchell de Neve
PSA: Technology
Mitchell de Neve
Safety Patrol Procedures
Mitchell de Neve
PSA: Recycling
Mitchell de Neve
PSA: Making a Difference
NSBA Honorable Mention
Suzanne Catalanotto
Language Arts: Transitions
iVIE Special Recognition
Math Detective Agency Rob Shepherd
Math: Angles
'Gon Fishin' Rob Shepherd
Math: Polygons
Safety Patrol Tatiana Dearinger
Procedure: Safety Patrol
Fitnessgram Tatiana Dearinger
Physical Education