January 11, 2010

Effective Audio

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Film Featurette:

Instruction: Sound in iMovie '09

  1. No Rubberbanding; export FQ to iMovie HD if you need that flexibility
  2. Three types of sound in iMovie '09
    1. Video Audio
      1. Volume
      2. Ducking
      3. Fade In/Out
      4. Normalize
    2. Background Music (a music bed the length of the video)
      1. Clip Trimmer
      2. Clip Adjustments
      3. Lasts only as long as the video if the music is longer than the video
    3. Sound Effects (can be music or any other sound)
      1. Same adjustments as Background Music
      2. Tied to a particular spot of a particular clip
  3. Audio sources
    1. Music and Sound Effects button
      1. iTunes
      2. GarageBand
    2. Drag from Finder
  4. "Pinned" Background Music
  5. Voice Over
    1. Click on Voiceover Button
    2. Choices
      1. Choose mic
      2. Set Input Level (as high as possible without red)
      3. Noise Reduction
      4. Voice Enhancement
      5. Play project audio while recording (use headphones)
    3. Click in Project Window where you want recording to go
    4. After countdown, record
    5. Spacebar to stop
    6. ⌘-Z to Undo and then try again
    7. Voiceover clips can be moved
  6. Edit > Detach Audio to break audio away from the video; can be moved

Breakout Sessions (Return by 5:15 for mic give-away)

Effective Audio in iMovie Projects (Room 222) 

  • port settings - headphones vs AV out
  • closer to talent is better; still must control plosives, etc.
  • headphones - always use
  • use adaptor w/ mono mic if working in iMovie / velcrostrap
  • mic power on/channel/batteries
  • practice using equipment before shoot
Mic Types
  1. Wireless Lapel Mics (placement/face down/rustling noises)
    1. Sony WCS-999 (included) ($100) - channel
    2. Sennheiser (some schools have purchased) (~$5-600)
  2. Boom Mics
    1. (3 available for checkout)
    2. xlr adptor
      1. cheap
      2. better
  3. Shotgun Mics - Rode Video Mic (some schools have purchased - different sets come with different pieces at different prices)
  4. USB Mics (voice overs) - system OS set to correct input)
    1. Logitech (severalavailable for checkout from district library)
    2. Snowball (available for checkout)
  5. Built-in camera Mics
Other Resources

Free Music Resources (Computer Lab)
  1. FreePlay Music (even if you have the 7 GBs we provide, there's much more)
  2. MIDI > GarageBand > iMovie in 5 minutes or less; I'll give you more than 100 pieces you can use legally and they sound fantastic
  3. Other Free Resources
    1. Remember that "Royalty Free" does not mean you can use it
      1. If it says it's free and you can use it, OK
      2. If it's covered by Creative Commons you're probably OK
      3. Public Domain is OK
    2. Always give attribution in the credits or somewhere appropriate regardless of source
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