December 7, 2009

Color Correction in iMovie '09

Opening Items

  • Comments on Newbie Project due by December 11 (Reviewing teams in Sidebar)
  • Reviewing teams only cover Newbies/Laptoppers, but please feel free to review a project or two and lend your expertise.
  • Project 1 Storyboard and Script due January 8; post both as a single entry to your blog. We recommend using Pages templates for both. Refresh how to do that here. Remember this should be a student-done video and it should revolve around one or more standards.
  • Request More Training
  • Using Stereo-to-Mono Adapter
  • Remember the upcoming Escondido Youth Media Festival (early June) (EYMF website preview). Encourage participation.

Film Featurette and Resources:


Initial Corrections
  1. Last name starts with A-H, go to Room 115 (Mitchell deNeve); I-Q, go to Room 215 (Todd Mattox); R-Z, go to Room 222 (Stevie Wheeler).
  2. If you have iMovie '09, feel free to work on your own for the experience unless there is someone who needs an '09er to hook up with.
  3. In iMovie '09, create a new project.
  4. If necessary, Import some footage to work with (File > Import > Movies).
  5. From your Events, select three clips, roughly 4 or 5 seconds each, and add to your project. Don't worry about how well they go together. In fact, make them as different from each other as possible. You might choose clips that have an obvious need, but you'll be surprised how much you can improve a "good" clip.
  6. On the first clip, click on the Actions Gear and choose Video Adjustments.  
  7. If you have a good neutral (white, black, gray) place to select from in the Viewer, click on it with the eyedropper to set the White Point (this should remove any color casts present. You can click numerous places to get the most pleasing result. If you can't find a good result, click Revert to Original and skip this step).
  8. Go to the top of the top of the Video Adjustments window and work down to correct the video's color. If necessary, review the Color Correcting with iMovie '09 movie above.
  9. Click on the Audio tab and set the volume to zero.
  10. Do the same for the other two clips (Tip: if the other clip(s) were shot under identical settings as the first, click on the corrected clip and choose Edit > Copy. Then click on the identically shot, but uncorrected, clip and choose Edit > Paste Adjustments > Video; fine tune if necessary. For tonight, you may want to do them all manually for the experience). 
Create a Before/After Sequence
  1. With three color-corrected clips in the project, ⌘-click on each to select all three.
  2. Hold down the Option key while you drag a copy of the three clips to the end of the project, so you have the sequence of three clips in the project twice.
  3. On the first three clips, open the Video Adjustments window of each and choose Revert to Original to remove the color correction.
  4. Play your project to see if you have a Before/After sequence: three clips uncorrected followed by three clips corrected.
  5. Extra Credit: Place a Before text element on the first group of three and an After to the second.
  6. Extra Extra Credit: Add a music bed to the sequence.
Publish your Work
  1. Choose Share > Export Movie > Medium.
  2. Post to a member's Project LIVE Blog as a media file.
  3. Return by 5:00.
  4. Be prepared to discuss the good, bad, and ugly.