Meeting #5 - Online

(Originally sent as email)

Hi Everyone,
In lieu of meeting, I created a form below to get us all up-to-date with our projects.  I've asked for a video sample, so between the form and getting the media, you can bill the 1.5 hours of a regular meeting.  I've included the Extra Hours Sheet below. Send it to me. (BTW only a few of you submitted the Extra Hours Sheet last time. You can still do it.)
Remember, besides the classroom projects, we  are also making "App Reviews" by students.  Please submit these to the App Review folder in Project Live Video Share, whenever they are completed.
And another thing: check out this clip that I pulled from an adorable tour the world on a magic carpet video  that Laura Reyes is making: Reyes Video Sample.
Other news:
EYMF: May 17.  Deadline April 27.