Meeting #1 - 9/11/17 - Maple Room

The first meeting is at the DO, in the Maple, 9/11. 3:30-5:00. After that I hope to hold the meetings at different sites so we can tour your classrooms and studios. (If you are interested in hosting, please let me know).

Meet and Greet
Some samples
This Year's Concept
Panel Discussion - School News Broadcasts . (*Special guests included)
Quick tip: Todd’s Video Production Keynote Tour
Brainstorm goals:
What do you/we want to do?
What technical support do you need?
Hours: 1.5 or 2?
Locations - Volunteers?

Links of the Week:

School News Links

Tech Tips
Getting Started with FCP 10.3 (From Ripple Training 8 short Videos to get you going)