1. September 13, 2016

If you need to submit your laptop's security number, you can do that here:


Meeting #1

  1. These are the media files we'll be using (~2.5 GB). After downloading, move to external drive or your Movies folder.
  2. Honor System: For each meeting (starting tonight), submit the time you were actually here, rounded to the nearest half-hour (e.g. arrive at 3:44, submit 2 hrs; arrive 3:46, submit 1.5). FCP X Mentors add 1 hour to that.
  3. The far right tab labelled "FCP X/Motion Resources" gives links to trainings, free stuff, etc.
  4. Items to bring to all meetings:
    1. Headphones (absolute must, even if they're just iPhone earbuds)
    2. External drive
    3. Laptop (fully charged)
  5. Want to see a real professional work flow for a project similar to what we are going to do? Click here.

Project Guidelines

  • You must care about what you create
  • Limited to media downloaded above EXCEPT you can bring in an alternate music track (highly recommended) and any effects, titles, etc. from FCP X or Motion.
  • Must be 1:00:00 (one minute exactly)
  • Don't go beyond the steps covered at meetings (i.e., don't "finish early"); only work on areas covered
  • At the end, it should be an example of your best work that you are proud of
  • Your finished project will be shared with others for comment
  • Beyond that, you can do anything with it you want. Be creative within these strict guidelines.

Final Cut Pro X

  • Quick Trip to Preferences
  • Interface
    • Libraries
    • Browser 
    • Timeline
    • Viewer 
    • Inspector (Command-4 to toggle)
    • Tool Bar
  • Work Flow 
    • (LEP: Library, Event, Project)
    • Analogy for above: file cabinet, file folder, document
    • For our purposes: 1 Library containing 1 Event containing 1 [or more] Projects
  • Importing
    • Create New Library
    • Re-name Library and Event
    • Click Import; be sure to select in Import window:
      • Correct Event
      • Copy to Library
      • Create Optimized Media
      • Keywords from Folders
  • Re-naming clips in bulk 
    • Prep the Custom Name
      • Modify > Apply Custom Name > Edit > Custom Name with Counter
      • Change Custom Name; set Counter to start at "1" with 2 digits
    • Select clips to be affected
    • Modify > Apply Custom Name > Custom Name with Counter
  • Keyword Collections
    • Based on folder structure on import, if applicable
    • Create New Slider Keyword Collection and drag clips to it (last 3 in postprod).
    • You can drag selections so only part of a clip has a Keyword applied (drag selection onto Keyword of choice)
    • Consider making a folder for Keyword Collections
  • Making Selections (Command-drag for extra selections) and Favorites (F); removing favorites (U); Down Arrow to next clip

Smart Collection: Your New Best Friend

    • Automatic Smart Collections
      • Whether you want them or not, you get them (mostly a good thing)
      • They are Library-wide; they pick up info from any Event in the Library
    • Basic Smart Collection: limited criteria
    • Master Smart Collection
      • Add Ratings
      • Add Text (e.g. production)
      • Add Keywords
      • Add Used Media
      • Media Type

For Next Meeting

      • Finish identifying your Favorites (add Keywords, too, if you want)
      • Find a piece of music to use as your sound bed
      • Do NOT start building a timeline/storyline
      • If you want to practice, make a 15-30 second movie of something you care about, just to get some experience under fire.
        • New Library/Event/Project
        • Import
        • Organize
        • Build
        • Export (Command-E)


  • Getting Ready
    • Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard > Use All Function Keys...
    • Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Show Spotlight Search off
  • Modifying a Built-in Effect
    • Titles > Bumper/Opener > Open in Motion
    • Look at Structure
    • Look at Current Published
    • Add Colorize Filter
    • Publish
      • Colorize
      • Remap Black
      • Remap White
      • Intensity
    • Look at Project tab; rename and organize Published parameters