6. March 6, 2017

Meeting #6

General Information

Final Cut Pro X 10.3.x: To Update or not to Update? That is the Question.

  • Scenario #1: Stay Where you are
    • No need to do anything
    • Just don't choose "Download" or "Update" for FCPX from SelfService.
    • I recommend making a backup copy of FCPX just in case; only the newer version will be available in SelfService.
    • Might want to do the same for Motion, too
  • Scenario #2: Update to the most recent
    • I recommend making a backup copy of FCPX just in case you ever want to revert back to this older version (10.2.3)
    • I recommend doing the same for Motion (the backup can go in that same folder you put FCPX)
    • When ready (now or sometime in the future), just choose "Install" or "Update" for FCPX in SelfService. This should overwrite your current copy with the most recent available.
      • Do it at home
      • Make sure laptop is plugged in
      • Make sure you have a good Internet connection
      • Leave laptop open and unused during the update process
      • Use the Launchpad app to get a live progress update
    • In the future, keep an eye on FCPX and Motion in SelfServe for further updates

Final Cut Pro X 10.3.x Brief Tour

Rest of the Evening

  • Stay as long or short as you choose (up to 5:30)
  • Ask for help if needed
  • Turn in Timesheet for time actually here (rounded to nearest half hour)
  • Need to be working on project, not doing lesson plans or checking email etc.