02 September 14, 2015

Picking a STE[A]M Topic for a How-to Video

For next time
  1. Before next Monday, review the 4 videos you've been assigned (more if you want)
  2. Present your class with topic options you've pre-screened
  3. Decide concretely on an activity topic that will
    1. be a good activity for your class
    2. lends itself to a How-to Video
  4. By October 4, submit this Video Project Pitch form

Opening Items

    1. K-2 Cross Curricular
    2. 3-5 STEM
    3. 6-8 STEM
    4. 3-8 How-to

Film Featurette:


Intro to How-to Videos
NOTE: Bypass District Filter before clicking on any of the videos below
  1. How-to examples
      1. The Almost-Perfect Camera

      2. How to fix a flat tire (Lance Armstrong)

      3. 10 Amazing Science Stunts

      4. 5 Fun Science Experiments (with Grover)

      5. What is a Prime Number?

      6. Adding and Subtracting Unlike Fractions

      7. How to Make a Mummy

      8. Make a Lemon Battery

      9. Fix a Leaky Hose Bib

      10. How to Change a Car Battery (Commercial tie-in, but a pretty good example)

      11. Ken Burns Effect on Steroids (for FCP X, but the same concept works in iMovie X)

      12. Making Chapter Markers in YouTube Videos

      13. Make a Glass Panel Book

      14. How to Animate a Photo in 3-D Space

      15. Filming Your Laptop Screen

      16. Physics Girl: How to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth

      17. Physics Girl: How to Make a Hurricane on a Bubble

      18. Vi Hart Mathematics How-to’s on Khan Academy

Picking a Topic

Links to STEAM activities:



Personal Experience
    1. Activities you've done in the past
    2. Other sites with activity ideas