03 October 5, 2015

Creating a Script/Storyboard for How-to Videos

Opening Items

iMovie Tips: Audio

  • Lowering audio (timeline and tools)
  • Fades
  • Engaging Ducking
  • Ducking manually (Range tool available below the Volume line)
  • Manual keyframes (Option-click on volume line; 4 keyframes)
  • Using your camera for recording audio and adding to timeline
  • Detach audio
  • Adding markers (M)

Focus Point #1: Working with video and kids at the same time
  • Divide by Grade Groups
    • K-3
    • 4-5
    • 6-8
    • Other
  • Discuss with Vets ways of doing projects that works for them
    • Whole class
    • small multiple groups (several projects going on)
    • Video teams (small, dedicated group to produce a single video)
    • Rotating students into different jobs
    • After school/lunch video groups
    • Mix and Match (e.g. whole group for some aspects, dedicated team for other aspects)
    • Any and all Tips and Tricks you can think of

Film Featurette:

Focus Point #2: Discuss Script/storyboard for How-to videos 

  • Decide which students will be involved in this step (probably could be whole class to build buy-in)
  • Bulleted list of discrete steps to show/film
  • Be complete, but don’t be foolish; which steps are crucial for this overview to work
  • Final video should be AT MOST 5 min. or so, so you can’t show every little detail. Go back to the September Agenda and watch a couple of how-to’s to see what they put in (and how much detail was included) and what they left out 
  • Showing framing in storyboard panels
  • Showing narration in storyboard panels
  • decide if you’ll use voice-on-video (talking to camera) or 
  • voiceover or 
  • a combo (consider this)
  • For next meeting: Sharing Script/storyboard for the chosen activity 
Focus Point #3: Whole Group Discussion: How are you feeling at this stage? Questions about next time?