04 November 2, 2015

Using Multiple Cameras for Filming How-to Videos (or Simulating Them)

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Plan it Out
  1. As a team, look over the storyboard/script to familiarize yourself.
  2. Assign Roles
    1. Main Camera: this person shoots the shot shown in the storyboard. This has to be solid.
    2. b-roll Mechanical (shooting stuff; computers, microphones, etc.); try as hard as possible to thing of ways to "make it new". This can be experimental as most won't be used.
    3. b-roll Human (interesting shots of your actor; try as hard as possible to thing of ways to "make it new". This can be experimental as most won't be used).
    4. Actor to go through the motions while recording
  3. Find and build your recording space; as much as possible, keep other teams out of your footage
Shoot the Scene
  1. Film one panel at a time.
  2. Log the number of takes (tally marks) and circle the best one to simplify editing.
  3. Be aware of distractions and avoid them as much as possible (things like screen glare on the laptop or extra people in the frame, etc.).
  4. The Main Camera should remain faithful to the storyboard unless making a change for what is deemed a good reason.
  5. B-roll cameras can and should be more inventive. Always be thinking, "What detail can I focus on to make this interesting?"; be outside the box.
Upload your Work to a laptop for editing next meeting
  1. Create and properly label a new Library that lives on the owner's external drive.
  2. Re-name the default Event (the date) to Main Camera.
  3. Create 2 more Events called Human B-roll and Mechanical B-roll (or similar)
  4. Upload the SD card from the Main Camera into the Main Camera Event. I recommend taking ALL footage, even if you think you know the takes you want to use.
  5. Upload the Human B-roll SD card to the Human B-roll Event
  6. Upload the Mechanical B-roll SD card to the Mechanical B-roll Event.
  7. Optional: other team members can copy the Library so more people have access to the footage. To do so, quit iMovie, plug in a 2nd external (USB or Thunderbolt) and drag the Library icon from one to the other.