05 December 7, 2015

Filming and Editing How-to Videos with Multiple Cameras or Angles

Opening Items

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  • 2015 (and other) iVIE Winners and Nominees Checkout what worked last year (and years previously), and then shamelessly steal ideas that can work for you. Don't restrict yourself to the winners; great nominees, too. You'll notice a pretty good representation for EUSD.
  • It's not just you (thanks to Todd Mattox)
  • EYMF Dates and Info
    • Submissions go from March 14-April 15
    • Time for video: 5 mins (used to be 3 minutes)
    • Festival will be in the small theater of the CCAE on May 31
    • All submission will be digital and made by a teacher or a parent via Google Drive (no envelopes or DVDs to deliver).
    • Consider also encouraging photo and audio storytelling projects from your students
    • A promo for EYMF
  • California Student Media Festival—Submissions open January 18-April 4, 2016; winners announced May 20; Festival in June.
  • Sidebar, left: iMovie Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts/Workflow/Speed Tips
  • Storyboard Template editable in Pages (Tip: Need another page? Select the page you want to duplicate in the Page Thumbnails [View > Show Page Thumbnails] and choose Command-D). Benefits: legible, more words per space, editable.

Film Featurette:

A brief discussion of Video-in-the-Classroom best practices (and worst), successes, and failures

iVIE How-to examples: Building a successful How-to video

  • Shotlist - (b-roll)
    • A shot list is like a shopping list (go prepared otherwise you buy the store!)
    • Brainstorm the possible shots you will need for your video and jot them down
  • If you were going to tye dye a shirt, what items would you need (create a list)
    • After we get the list -- let’s assign some angles
  • Now let’s watch the iVIE winning video on How-to Tye Dye Click Here
  • Now let’s watch the iVIE non-winning video on F-stop and Depth of Field

Approaching the Editing Phase

Watch a (fairly lengthy) movie on the whole Post-production workflow in iMovie

Preparing for the edit

  • Naming conventions
  • Close unneeded Libraries (Right- or Control-click and choose Close Library X)
  • Making a Library
  • Decide where the Library lives (strongly suggest external drive)
  • Deciding on an Event strategy
    • All footage in 1 Event?
    • One Event for each Camera?
    • One Event for main footage, one for B-roll?
  • Creating a Project (“Movie”): Select the Event you want it to live in and choose File > New Movie


Previewing Footage

  • Skim clips
  • For any clip that MIGHT be useful: I, O, F (In-point, Out-point, Favorite)
  • Alternatively, you can drag an In-point and Out-point, then “F” for Favorite)
  • Don’t worry about being precise on the I and O, but better to be a bit fat than thin
  • Sort by Favorites (you can always go back to All Clips)

The Basic Edit (Making the Rough Cut)

  • Build the basic story first; don’t worry yet about cutaways (B-roll), green screen, etc. yet.
  • Find your first clip, put cursor over clip and type “X” [select all}
  • Type “E” to add to the END of the timeline
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • Advanced:
    • Possibility 1: Command-A to select ALL Favorites, then “E” to Timeline, then drag clips to the proper order
    • Possibility 2: “X” to select the first clip, then hold down Command Key as you select the other clips IN THE ORDER YOU WANT THEM. Then press “E” to add all selected clips IN THE ORDER YOU SELECTED THEM