02 September 8, 2014

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The Road to iVIE begins…

Getting to know one another…

  • What does video look like in your classroom? Group discussion.
  • Newbie Pitch for solo project to table mates
  • Newbie Script/Storyboard for solo project with table mates

Getting to know iMovie X…

  • Resources
    • Tamara's Handouts
    • AFI Film Glossary, Storyboard blanks, blank Shotlist, and more at the top of the Pre-production page
    • "How to make it happen" Google Doc
  • Lessons iMovie X for Mac ($4.99 each; you're nuts if you pass this by): 
  • Library strategies
    • External Drive
    • One Library, one project? One Library, many projects? 
    • Create and re-name Library before importing; re-name the default event with a descriptive name before importing
    • Control-click (or Right-click) on target event and choose Import Media; double-check target event is selected before importing
    • Opening and closing Libraries
  • iMovie X Interface
  • Exporting options
    • Theater will use your allotted iCloud space
    • iTunes will put an iOS version ready for iPhone or iPad into your iTunes Library
    • File allows you to change name and resolution; exported file is .mp4 (no more suffix changing!)
    • You can't export a full quality file; all choices are heavily compressed (between 3-10/mbs)
    • Upload to MBC