03 October 6, 2014

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Just stuff…

  • Picture These website (getting arts into the curriculum from SDCOE)
  • "How to make it happen" Google Doc [left sidebar]; please add anything that's worked for you, big to small. Read it to find things that might work for you.
  • If you haven't already, consider this simple, thorough, very affordable training: Lessons iMovie X for Mac ($4.99 each; you're nuts if you pass this by): 
  • 40 Free Font Sites: On the Post-production page, submitted by eColourPrint in Great Britain
  • iVIE News
    • Submissions are November 1-March 6 (last day for submission)
    • iVIE Event is April 25 (more later on what that event is)
    • 7 minute maximum
    • Public URL required (e.g. YouTube or Vimeo or MBC or SchoolTube or...)
    • If you're interested in being an iVIE judge, contact Leigh Murrell: Leigh.Murrell@sdcoe.net 

Getting to know iMovie X better…

  • iMovie Toolbar
    • Quick overview
    • Focus: Overlays
      • Side by Side
      • Cutaway
      • Picture in Picture Animation
      • Green Screen Controls
    • Voice Over Tool (V)
      • Level Meter
      • Settings
      • Choose a mic
      • Adjust Volume (really Levels)
      • Mute Project
    • Uploading to EUSD Google Docs
      • In Google Drive, click on the Upload link, next to the Create button
      • After file is uploaded, right- or control-click and choose Share
      • Change the sharing default from Private to Anyone with the Link
      • Email this link to anyone who needs it
    • Project LIVE Review Site
      • Left Sidebar
      • Tabs at top 
      • Reviewing Form at the bottom of each entry based on IVIE Rubric

Tamara's space…
  • Review 9/11 Tribute (Why was this PSA so powerful? Connection to the story and imagery  - plays on your emotions - Watch again to see angles. Clap each time you see the scene change AND call out one of three choices c/u mid & wide shots)
  • Connection to the story (Emotional Connection & Buy In - both students AND you)
  • Metaphors (simplicity:  e.g.: Metaphors: Rock in Backpack, Puzzle of Life, Human)
  • Revisions edit (Take a Stand & The Bully)  
  • Narration versus live sound 
  • Homework solid selection of what category you’re going to enter for iVIE (Newbies - PSA Veterans select your topic Intro.
  • Tam’s Handouts: The Magic of the Edit