07 February 9, 2015

If you are a returning Project LIVE member, you have earned a $50 credit for each meeting you attended. If you attended all meetings, we will double your credit ($500 if you attended the 5 mandatory meetings; $600 if you also attended the optional 6th meeting). I will contact you soon on when, where, and how to submit purchases. 

Based on your sign-ins for the meetings, this link shows which meetings you have credit for. If you have any issues with my figures, let me know and I'll double-check the sign-ins:

You can spend your credit at B&H (or Apple if necessary; please no other outside vendors). 

Watch this movie to see how to fill out your purchases (be sure to follow the procedures in the movie; it's from last year, but the process is the same):

NOTE: Be sure you are logged into your Google account before clicking link below. Once you understand the procedure (from the movie above), make yourself a copy of the spreadsheet below and complete your purchase preferences by March 15: