06 January 12, 2015

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Just stuff…

  • iVIE Submissions
    • Important:You must have an iVIE Media Release this year for any on-screen students or adults in submitted projects; they won't let us use the EUSD one this year
    • Submission deadline is March 6.
    • Before submitting,  preview this PDF version of the application. I've highlighted areas I think you should pay particular attention to.
    • Each submission must be completed in one sitting (you can't begin and save for later).
    • This links to the actual application if you need/want to look at it.
    • Make a note of your entry number(s) when you fill out your application(s) if they give you one (the application is different this year).
    • If you want us to pay for your entries, be sure to choose "School Purchase Order" on the application.
    • You may need the purchase order number and amount before you can submit, but we can't get that until we know how many entries there will be. I'm consulting with Leigh Murrell on options. I'll let you know what I find out.
    • Export as 1080p (or largest size allowed) for upload to Google Drive (you now have infinite storage in your EUSD Google drive), YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Make sure you know the URL to share.

Things to know

Tamara's Stuff
  • iVIE
  • Common Core
  • Standards
  • Instructional Objectives
  • Audience