05 December 8, 2014

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Tamara's Stuff

Before the BIG SUBMISSION to iVIE, consider showing your video to other staff members. Watch their reaction -- are they interested? Bored? Blown away?  This is a telling sign.  Ask for feedback.

Today we’ll give each other feedback on our process. Partner up with someone at your table. Discuss your PSA topic.  Use this checklist to make sure you are on point with your PSA.

  • What is your slogan? What is your call to action?  Are they identifiable without you having to “explain the idea” to your partner?

  • Check your time - are you within the :30 or :60 time limit?

  • How can your video be tighter?  Did you use multiple shots for one scene (Have you avoided long drawn out shots? Using Ken Burns is a great way to give a shot movement that may or may not have movement when filmed.

  • How is your sound?  Did you voice over and are they meaningful and not sounding scripted?

  • Did you include any statistics in your video (e.g. 1 in 3 people suffer from depression)?

  • What is your solution?  This should tie in with your call to action.

Finally, don’t forget to clearly state the objective of your video -- which is to inform and persuade and audience (which audience) to ACT.

Editing Faster in iMovie X

Under Edit Menu

  • Select Entire Clip (X)
  • Edit to End of Timeline (E)
  • Connect Edit (Q)—places clip above timeline, starting at playhead position
  • Insert Edit (W)—places clip in timeline at playhead (splits original clip)
  • Add Cross Dissolve (Command-T) will put a 1-second Cross Dissolve transition on a selected edit

Under Modify Menu

  • Trim to Playhead (Option-/)—trims head or tail, whichever is closer to skimmer
  • Trim Clip Edge > Nudge Left [or Right] (, [comma ]or . [period]) Select edit first.
  • Split Clip (Command-B); splits at Skimmer position.

Under View Menu

  • Play Selection (/)
  • Play From Beginning (\)
  • Snapping (N)

Under Window Menu

  • Open/Close Clip Trimmer (Command-\; select clip first)
  • Open/Close Precision Editor  (Command-/; select edit first)

Other Tips

  • Select multiple clips and double-click on the transition of choice to apply to all.
  • Manually duck (or raise) audio by dragging a selection on the audio portion of a clip and manipulating the volume line.
  • Select multiple Favorites clips in the Event Browser (maybe all of them) and press E to add to the timeline all at once. You can rearrange order once there, if necessary.
  • Drag a clip from the event browser on top of a clip in the timeline. Release when the clip turns white and choose
    • Replace if you want the entire clip to replace the current clip (thereby making the project longer or shorter)
    • Replace from Start to have the first frame of the Event clip be the starting frame and then fill until it matches the duration of the timeline clip, so the timeline timing is preserved.
    • Replace from End to have the last frame of the Event clip be the ending frame and then fill until it matches the duration of the timeline clip, so the timeline timing is preserved.
    • Insert to split the current clip at that point and insert the Event clip in between the two pieces.