5. January 13, 2014

Finishing in iMovie

Opening Items

  • 2014 EYMF: Submissions April 7-May 11. 3-minute max.
  • iVIE Deadline: March 7, 2014 5 PM
  • 4 Cameras for checkout have arrived; contact Jimmy Miles or X-150 for checkout (1 week max)
  • Next (last) Project LIVE Meeting:
    • February 3: Pine Room—Optional Work Session: put on your finishing touches with real-time, targeted help from us. Meet the iVIE deadline comfortably and avoid last minute panic. Feel free to bring up to 4 students to help with the editing. Note: If you want to earn the double credit for attending all meetings, you do need to come. Sorry.
  • Take a look at the 2013 Suggested Purchases tab (above) for some suggestions for purchases. If there are things beyond that that you'd like some suggestions on, let me know and I'll do some research.
  • GoPro on order; we'll report on viability at next meeting
  • Spreadsheet to keep track of purchases (you need to go File > Make a Copy to get an editable version). Name your copy PL_last name (e.g. PL_maggi). Also, be sure to share it with me. We'll turn this in around the first of March or so. Here's a movie showing the process.
  • Don't forget to sign out.

Finishing in iMovie

  • Fine Tuning Edits
    • Adjust timeline zoom level for accuracy
    • Preferences > Browser > Show Fine Tuning Controls (allows up to 1 second plus or minus quick-fix; ⌘-⌥ [Option] forces showing)
    • Right- or Control-click > Trim to Playhead
    • ⌥-→ or ⌥-← to add/take away one frame at a time (affects end closest to Playhead)
    • Clip Trimmer (for one clip only)
    • Precision Editor
      • Roll Edit (Drag the Blue Ball. Both clips affected; one gets longer, the other shorter, so the project remains the same length)
      • Ripple Edit (Only one clip affected and other clips ripple in or out to make up the difference; the project length is changed)
      • If desired, engage Extras (titles, green screen) or Sound Wave:  
    • Green Screen Alignment: 
      • Timeline or Precision Editor? Be sure to step through edit with right or left arrow keys to make sure the green screen clip comes on at the correct moment.
      • Tip: Select the green screen clip and then use the Right-/Left-arrows to move one frame at a time (you may have to click on the clip a second time)
      • Tip: If Playhead is near edit point, use Right Bracket ( ] ) to play around edit and then stop (Left Bracket does the same thing for a shorter time period)
      • Tip: If clip is selected, Back Slash ( / ) will play just selection
  • Color Correction: Can make a big difference; the linked movie shows how in iMovie. Here's a YouTube link for the process as done in Lord of the Rings
    • Tip: If you are going to (or may) use more than one section of a clip, color correct in the Event BEFORE adding to timeline. That way, as you bring clips onto the timeline, they'll match
    • Tip: If the clips are already on the timeline, color correct one of them. Then select that clip and Copy (⌘-C). Then ⌘-select any other clips shot at the same time and choose Edit > Paste Adjustments > Video to apply the same settings to all clips (but only for clips shot under same conditions/lighting).
  • Balancing Audio
    • Use (good) headphones when making audio decisions
    • Tip: To change the volume of multiple clips at one time, Shift-select or Command-select the clips you want, then double-click on any one. Go to the audio tab and adjust as necessary. It will effect them all.
    • Show Waveforms
    • Raise dialog until yellow shows, but no red
    • As nearly as possible, have the dialog volume of each clip about the same level (unless whispering or yelling)
    • Balance music and/or sound effects to blend with dialog; headphones can help you know how much/little
    • Check Master Levels for clipping; modify if necessary
  • Adding Effects
  • Adding Titles and Credits
  • Exporting
    • Export for Web or other viewing (not acceptable for further editing; this is what you'd use for iVIE; don't forget to change the suffix to .mov or .mp4. Or, better, try the re-wrap trick in the video below)
    • Exporting High Quality from iMovie (still acceptable for further editing; be sure items in Options is what you want)
    • Re-wrap .m4v as .mov or .mp4 (Just changing the suffix doesn't really change the format; to do that appropriately you need QuickTime Pro 7; if needed, get it from Jean)