6. February 3, 2014

Optional Work Session for iVIE PSAs

Opening Items

  • iMovie: Export for Web or other viewing (not acceptable for further editing; this is what you'd use for iVIE; don't forget to change the suffix to .mov or .mp4. Or, better, try the re-wrap trick in the video below)
  • FCP X: Exporting options
  • One-sided Audio in iMovie
  • Re-wrapping an .m4v video as .mov or .mp4 without re-compressing the video
  • If necessary, do both in one step
    • iMovie > Export Movie [640x360 for iVIE]
    • Open that file in QT 7 [with Pro enabled; see Jean Samaniego if you don't have it, but want it]
    • Change the audio as per first movie above
    • Then File > Save to get .mov file or File > Export to get .mp4 file (again, as per video above; iVIE says use .mp4, not .mov)
    • Submit the resulting file to iVIE
    • These procedures are better than just changing the suffix, but that should work, too

  • GoPro as a camera
    • Pros
      • Can mount to just about anything (but you have to purchase appropriate mounts)
      • It's wearable 
      • Can be monitored via iOS device (with slight lag time)
      • Settings can be set via iOS device GoPro app (much easier than in camera)
      • Shoots 120 fps slow motion at 720p; very cool!
      • Fairly cheap stabilizers available for smooth moving video
      • Multiple film resolution options
      • Shoots to Micro SD cards
      • Lots of possibilities for getting creative with how you shoot (turn a skateboard into a dolly or use your arm to get a crane shot or…)
      • Great as a secondary/specialty camera
      • Tons of accessories available 
    • Cons
      • Non-tripod video can be pretty shaky
      • No monitoring out of the box; you need LCD add-on or iOS device
      • Only decent quality video
      • Lots of barrel distortion at wide settings (lines that should be straight are curved)
      • Settings are tough to change in camera (easy with an iPad, though)
      • May encourage "action sport"-like behavior; be aware of safety concerns

  • Have orders ready by March 1, 2014
  • Take a look at the 2013 Suggested Purchases tab (above) for some suggestions for purchases. If there are things beyond that that you'd like some suggestions on, let me know and I'll do some research.
  • Spreadsheet to keep track of purchases (you need to go File > Make a Copy to get an editable version). Name your copy PL_last name (e.g. PL_maggi). Also, be sure to share it with me. We'll turn this in around the first of March or so. Here's a movie showing the process.
  • Don't forget to sign out.