2012 iVIE Awards

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Cheetos RevolutionSuzanne Catalannotto 53-5 Language Arts/History: Nutrition    2012 iVIE Grand Recognition, Elementary
 Hope Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 Language Arts/History: Dealing with Tragedy2012 iVIE Grand Recognition, Middle School
 Mission Possible Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 Broadcast Journalism: Mission Middle School 2012 iVIE 
 It Isn't Easy Going Green Colin Hanel 5 3-5 Math/Science: Environment 2012 iVIE
 Human Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 PSA: Self Awareness 2012 iVIE, 2012 EYMF
 How Far Will a Dollar Go? Randy Hernandez/Tamara Whitney 6-8 History/Social Science: Economics 2012 iVIE
 It Begins with Me Jo Ann Fox 2 K-2 Cross Curricular: Making a difference 2012 iVIE Special Recognition
 Showdown at Reidy Creek Kellie Stawicki 2 K-2 Cross Curricular: Playground rules 2012 iVIE Special Recognition, 2012 EYMF
 Mummification in Ancient Egypt Patty Anderson 6, 7, 8 6-8 History/Social Science: Ancient Egypt 2012 iVIE Special Recognition
 The Cycle of Life Tamara Whitney 8 6-8 PSA: Drugs 2012 iVIE Special Recognition