2. November 5, 2012


Opening Items

  • EYMF
  • iVIE Update
  • Technical Issues?
    • Remember this Filmic Pro 2 help video on the Filmic Pro Help page (download and watch; Chapter markers make it easy to jump around)
    • Here's a video on converting video from iPads, DSLRs, etc for editing in iMovie or FCP X using MPEG Streamclip (free)
  • Commenting on Rough Cuts by November 12
  • Final Project 1 due December 3 (next meeting

Film Featurette:


iStopMotion Projects:

Stop Motion Animation

  • Plan, plan, plan
  • Patience, patience, patience
  • You may want to have iPad plugged in during filming
  • Assign one person per moving element
  • The more frames per second, the smoother (and slower) the action; the fewer fps, the courser (and faster) the animation
  • The smaller distance you move the item, the smoother (and slower) the action; the larger the distance, the courser (and faster) the animation
  • Use Back Camera, not Front
  • Use a tripod
  • ALWAYS set and lock White Balance and Exposure
  • Place Focus on area of most interest
  • Return to settings to change Focus if necessary
  • Have Onion-skinning on so you can see how different each move is or to line things up if they got knocked out of position
  • Have "Cinematographer" use a very light touch for each picture
  • If necessary, delete "bad" takes
  • Duplicate frames to have a moment of stillness
  • Preview frequently to see how it's going
  • Film Scenes; each project could be a scene of a larger whole that could be edited together in iMovie

Time-lapse Animation

  • Use smaller time values for shorter events, longer ones for longer events
  • Use Back Camera, not Front
  • ALWAYS set and lock White Balance and Exposure
    • If the lighting is likely to change (e.g. sunset), lock Exposure for the part you most want to see)
    • If White Balance is likely to change, set for what you most want to see
  • Place Focus on area of most interest
  • You may want to have iPad plugged in during filming
  • Make sure tripod is not disturbed during filming


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Your task is two-fold: 
  • Use 1 iPad to shoot a short but creative stop motion animation where playback will be 5 to 10 seconds
  • Use a different iPad to take a time-lapse of the making of the first task
  • Shoot 1 frame every 3 seconds for your time-lapse 
  • Begin filming the time-lapse when filming on the stop motion project begins
  • Make sure the time-lapse iPad is placed in an out-of-the-way location so it doesn't get bumped
Plan the Stop Motion Project Out
  1. Which figures will you use?
  2. What will your "story" be?
  3. What are the exact movements necessary for each piece?
    1. How long should a move take in playback?
    2. When does each move begin or end?
Shoot the Scene
  1. Make sure you're on Back Camera
  2. Lock White Balance and Exposure and set Focus to the area of most interest
  3. Make sure Onion-skinning is turned on
  4. Shoot the scene
Publish your Work (for sharing)
  1. Publish your Time-lapse to Camera Roll for sharing
  2. Publish your Stop Motion to Camera Roll for sharing
  3. Back in the Computer Lab by 5:10 for sharing