4. January 7, 2013

SFX (Special Effects) with Action Movie FX

Opening Items

  • EYMF
  • iVIE important dates
    • Entry deadline March 15 (Project 2)
    • Nominees announced April 5
    • iVIE Festival April 20
    • iVIE Awards May 14
  • February meeting (BVMS): Turning a Rough Cut into a Final Cut
  • March (CGEC): Optional Free Work with Personal Support (bring up to 4 kids if you wish)

Film Featurette:

Action Movie FX Tips

  • Plan carefully the ground where the effect will take place; it can make a big difference to the believability of the effect
  • You can scale/move the effect a little for maximum effect
  • You can switch out an effect mid-stream if you want
  • Consider filming the effect on a green screen so it could be used anywhere, any time
  • Consider filming talent on green screen so you can have a layered look
  • Export to Camera Roll, then directly into iMovie '11 or FCP X
  • If you can find it, bring in pre-keyed footage to iMovie '11
    • DO NOT OPTIMIZE on importing to iMovie '11 so it maintains the transparency
    • Use Picture-in-Picture instead of Green Screen for compositing (allows you to scale and move)


Plan it Out
  1. With your team, develop a simple narrative that will lend itself to at least 3 SFX shots.
  2. Do a quick storyboard/shotlist just so you know what needs to be filmed, making note of which shots will be an SFX shot and which will be straight shots.
  3. For SFX shots, give careful thought to what and where so that the finished shot will be as believable as possible.
  4. Determine who will do what (act, camera, sound, whatever).
Shoot the Scene
  1. Shoot the SFX shots first
  2. Make sure the space you shoot is appropriate to the effect you choose (enough open floor space, etc.).
  3. Preview to see if they're acceptable, and if so, send to Camera Roll.
  4. Shoot any other shots you need to complete the story.
Publish your Work
  1. Capture all video into iMovie '11
    1. Footage in Camera Roll can be gotten directly from iMovie
    2. Filmic Pro needs to be gotten through iTunes File Sharing
  2. Edit
  3. Add finishing touches (music, titles, sound effects, etc.).
  4. Share > Export Movie > Medium or Large (change suffix to .mov)
  5. Add to thumb drive and deliver to me for sharing.