3. December 5, 2011

Media Management in iMovie '11

Opening Items

  • EYMF Update
    • Time limits:
      • 2 minutes for Audio
      • 3 minutes for video
      • You can send a shortened part of a longer piece
    • Submission deadline: March 30, 2012
  • Exporting Projects:
    • Share > Export Movie
    • Choose a size (medium or large are good choices)
    • To make your movie playable from Edmodo, change the .m4v to .mov (e.g. my_movie.m4v changes to my_movie.mov)
  • Review Review Teams
  • Remember to post PDFs, not Pages or Word documents
  • Remember to put a "heading" on a new post (your name and what's being posted)
  • Project 1 (iVIE Project) Script and Storyboard should be posted by now; if not, do so ASAP and alert people who review you (not the people you review)
    • Newbies
    • Laptoppers
    • Any vets seeking a year of Project LIVE service and Year-end Drawing

Film Featurette:

  • Play it Again, Sam (1972) 
  • Woody Allen has been nominated for 21 Academy Awards, winning 3: 14 for screenplay [more than any other person], 6 for director, 1 for actor
  • First Diane Keaton appearance in a movie with Allen
  • 97% on Rotten Tomatoes
  • Despite being one of the most famous quotes in cinema history, the words are never spoken in Casablanca

The movie below covers much of what we'll discuss tonight (this applies to iMovie '11 and (mostly) FCP X, too; don't watch during meeting). It is also on the Post-production page under iMovie Resources.

Media Management with iMovie '09 


Marking Favorites and Rejects: the First Step for Clearing Space (and speeding up your editing a lot).

Pogue, David: iMovie '09 [or '11] and iDVD: the Missing Manual (Chapter 4; pp 99-109 ['09]; pp. 109-121 ['11])

Events (your footage)

  • Click the Group Events by Disk button, if necessary
  • File > New Event or File > Import from Camera
  • Choose the best location for the Event when capturing
  • Name your Events!!! (You can change the names to something better any time)
  • Combine related events (drag one on top of another)
  • Split unrelated events (place playhead where you want the split to occur, Control-click and choose Split Event Before Clip)
  • Copy/move Events and Projects to other locations (e.g. external drive) when appropriate (see below)
  • Keep in mind that the drive must be mounted on your Mac in order to access that footage

Projects (the movie you're making from the footage)
  • Projects are fairly small in size; they do not contain the media. It's like a recipe card, not the meal itself.
  • By default, the projects are stored on the Mac HD
  • You can store projects in another location; in the Project Library (not in the Event Library), click on the drive you want to store the project on. Then choose File > New Project
  • You can also Control-click or Right-click on the drive where you want the project to be stored and choose New Project
  • Keep in mind that the drive must be mounted on your Mac in order to access that project
  • It's OK to store on the Mac HD (laptop)

Backups (project files only)

  • Guard against corrupted project files by making periodic backups of the project you're working on. Click on the movie link below to see how (File > Duplicate Project).
  • Keep all of the Project Versions in a folder
  • To make a new folder File > New Folder
  • If the folder ends up at the wrong level, drag it to a higher or lower level
  • Making a Backup of a project file (movie; also on Post-production page)

Marking Footage

In Events LibrarySelect, then Mark as Favorite or Reject:
  • Option-click to Select whole clip
    • with Favorites Tool (Star), mark whole clip as Favorite
    • with Rejects Tool (X), mark whole clip as Favorite
  • Click and Drag to select part of a clip
  • Tip: To play just the Selection, press the / key
  • F (or Star-button) to mark selection as Favorite (Green Bar)
  • R (or X-button) to mark selection as Reject (Red Bar)
  • U (Hollow Star) to Unmark
  • Delete Key also marks as Reject
  • Choose to show:

Mark as Favorite or Reject in one step:
  • Advanced Tools turned on (iMovie > Preferences > General > Show Advanced Tools)
  • Click on the Star (or X) and then drag to select the Favorites (or Rejects)
  • Click on the Star (or X) and then Option-click to mark entire clip as Favorites (or Rejects)
  • Command-drag with one of those tools to Unmark part of clip
  • Option-Command-click to Unmark entire clip with Favorites or Rejects Tool

Tip: Click on a colored bar with the Arrow tool to select that portion of a clip

  • Adding Keywords
    • Click on Keyword button (K):  
    • Select Auto-apply
    • Type in new keywords, if desired
    • Click the checkbox(es) for any keyword(s) you want to apply
    • Click and drag through footage you want to have those keyword(s)
    • Alternatively, click on Inspector
    • Make a selection anyway you want
    • Click next to the Keyword(s) you want to apply to that selection
  • Filtering by Keywords
    • Click the Keyword Filtering tool 
    • Enable (green) or disable (red) keywords you want to filter by
    • Choose either Any or All

Deleting Footage

To Delete footage from your hard drive:
  • Choose Rejects Only from the Show menu, bottom left window
  • Review to make sure you want them gone
  • Click Move Rejected to Trash Button
  • Empty Macintosh Trash to reclaim the drive space

Space Saver:
  • File > Space Saver
  • Whichever boxes you check will determine what's to be tossed, what's kept
  • Boxes are cumulative (all conditions must apply before tossing), so more checks means less tossed
  • Future editing will be limited
  • It applies only to the selected Event (not Project)

Moving Footage and/or Projects to Another Drive

Copy Projects to other Drives
  • Go to Project Library
  • Check to make sure your other drive shows up
  • Drag Project onto Drive
  • Choose Copy project and events
  • The project and media will now be in both places

 Move Projects to other Drives
  • Go to Project Library
  • Check to make sure your other drive shows up
  • ⌘-Drag Project onto Drive
  • Choose Move project and events
  • The project and media will now be only in that new location