9. June 4, 2012

This is the End-of-Year drawing date. It is only for those veterans who have earned the privilege to attend by coming to at least 5 Project LIVE meetings and submitting at least one student-made video to iVIE, 2012 (Laptoppers not eligible).


Codec=Compressor, Decompressor
Note: .mov is not a codec, it is a container which can hold many different kinds of codecs. You can't tell the quality of a file just because it has .mov at the end

We talk about compressing our movies when they are ready for output, but in fact, everything we use, at every step of the way, is compressed; it's all a matter of degree. There is such a thing as truly uncompressed video, but the file sizes and hardware requirements put that well out of reach for us.
  • Editing Codecs (big files, independent frames)
    • Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) (the best choice in iMovie for Full Quality exports if Pro Res isn't available)
    • ProRes (various flavors; you may need Final Cut Pro installed to have access to these)
    • Animation
    • DV (mini-tapes)
    • DVCPro HD
  • Viewing Codecs (much smaller file size; frames usually are not independent; video with these codecs should not be re-brought back into an editing program like iMovie)
    • MPEG 2 is used for standard DVDs
    • swf and flv are Flash based codecs and are fading in popularity (no iOS support)
    • MPEG 4 (.mp4) has several flavors
      • H.264 (also called AVC) is the current codec of choice; usually labelled .mov, but can be .mp4. It is the codec used for BluRay HD DVDs
      • .m4v is intended for use in iTunes. For our purposes, it can be renamed .mp4 or .mov
      • If it's labelled .mp4, it could be H.264 or m4v or one of the lesser flavors of .mp4 (i.e. you can't tell quality from the .mp4 suffix)
    • Bottom line: use H.264 for viewing (no more editing) or Apple Intermediate Codec if you still want to maintain edibility (i.e. "Full Quality")
  • Size of the exported video frame
    • Standard Definition (regular 4:3)
      • 720x480 (full)
      • 640x480 (full)
      • 320x240
    • Widescreen (HD and Standard 16:9)
      • 1920x1080 (HD full)
      • 1280x720 (HD full)
      • 960x540 (large)
      • 853x480 (SD full)
      • 640x360 (medium)
    • Audio
      • Full Quality Export: Linear PCM
      • Viewing Export (H.264): AAC