October 4, 2010

Classroom Management: a Discussion

Opening Items

  • Modified Project LIVE site: much has moved to the top
  • Edmodo for Project LIVE (We'll talk more about this at the next meeting, but if you're in edmodo, here are a couple of Groups to join)
    • EUSD Project LIVE Group: email Frank, Brad, or Tom
    • Digital Teachers Group: email Frank, Brad, or Tom
  • Due Dates and Timelines: You're responsible
  • 2010-11 Project LIVE Reviewing Teams for Newbies and Laptoppers: See left sidebar to see who to Comment on for Newbie Script and Storyboard
  • Requirements to get a year's Project LIVE credit
    • No requirements if you don't care about earning a year of Project LIVE credit or being in the end-of-year drawing; come and go as you please
    • Newbie's and Laptoppers: fulfill your contract
    • Everyone else: come to 5 of 6 meetings and complete one Student-made video for iVIE submission (following the same Guidelines for that project that Newbies and Laptoppers do). This also qualifies you for the end-of-year drawing.
  • iVIE: What makes a student-made video? From iVIE for 2010-11
    • "This year, we will be paying special attention to student produced work. We do not expect young students to produce perfect videos. Videos with a true student voice and appropriate skill level will be rewarded. Teachers should guide their students in the creative process. Teachers will, of course be editing for students in the elementary grades, but we encourage teachers to allow the students to direct the editing selections and order."

Film Featurette:

  • Wizard of Oz 
  • #10 AFI's Top 100
  • Only 2 Academy Awards; lost the Special Effects award to The Rains Came (huh?)
  • Over the Rainbow: Best Song Oscar
  • The connection with tonight's program: Classroom Management and controlling hordes of flying monkeys just seemed to fit

Possible Questions

    • Do you tend to do whole class projects, or work with a selected few?
    • Do you work mostly during class time or at lunch, after school, etc.?
    • How do you manage to get effective scripts and storyboards out of your students?
    • How do you keep track of equipment so you don't find pieces missing?
    • How much of your "Student-made Videos" are really student made?
    • Do you include people from outside your classroom (parents, staff, other teachers, etc.)?
    • How do you help students deal with the "If we don't win an iVIE, our movie's no good" syndrome?
    • Any particular tips or tricks that have really worked well for you?
    • Are there any particular problems you just haven't solved yet?

Final Cut Pro Strand

If you didn't already opt in to the Final cut Pro Strand, but would like to (and you have access to the program), click here.

For those of you who opted into the FCP strand, I hope to have some tip or trick on using FCP more efficiently while you build the project of the evening. Since this session does not have a project to build as a tie in, I posted some information on how to get video footage from newer, tapeless cameras into FCP. You can see that information by clicking on the Final Cut Pro Strand tab at the top of the page. If you have any interest in a hands-on class covering this material, click on the Request More Training link in the left sidebar and let me know. Next month, we will have a project for you to build at the meeting and I will show some tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently.