March 7, 2011

Free Work Session

Opening Items

  • iVIE submission window: March 21-April 8
  • iVIE online application?
  • iVIE Rubrics: this is how they'll score you
  • There is no need to turn anything in to us; complete the online iVIE application (when it becomes available) and follow their advice on how to upload your project to them. You'll need Media Releases if you are nominated, so save them. Don't use iVIE's instructions for exporting your movie; they're wrong.
  • Preparing your video for iVIE submission in iMovie '09; this will be the file you upload to iVIE.
  • Preparing your video for iVIE submission in FCP (use 640x480 [default] for standard; use 853x480 for wide screen); this will be the file you upload to iVIE.
  • You can use that same exact file for entry into the EYMF (just burn it onto a labelled CD), so you can complete the EYMF application process very quickly. Don't forget copies of the Media Releases.
  • The Willow Room is also available if you need some space.
  • QuickTime 7 Pro: Newbie's, do you have it? Laptoppers, see me tonight about yours.
  • One-sided Audio fix with QuickTime Pro (listen with headphones to see if you need it).

Film Featurette:

  • None Tonight 
  • Other Information
  • Other Information


This session will be strictly for fine-tuning your iVIE submission (or any other project you have). This will be a good time to ask questions or learn new techniques.