February 7, 2011

Using Keynote for Animations in your Movies

Opening Items

  • EYMF
    • 4 Categories, including Video Class Project; multiple submissions OK
    • There will be nominees
    • Be sure to check out guidelines at http://eymf.eusd.org
    • EYMF Submission Envelopes need to be used; available at all schools
  • EYMF Promo Contest
    • $100 cash award
    • February 28 deadline
    • Anyone can enter
    • 30 seconds total duration
    • Get the details 
  • iVIE Projects: any questions or concerns?
    • February 28—Nearly-complete (or whatever is ready) video uploaded to PLB for review and evaluation. Explain missing pieces in your blog entry.
    • March 7—Reviews completed. Review Teams here.
    • March 31—Final submission for iVIE
  • Keynote Animation Lesson: Download this Zip file before coming to the meeting. It contains a Keynote file and graphics we'll use during the meeting (10 MB).

Film Featurette:

  • Downfall 
  • Hitler was a huge Disney fan
  • Mickey Mouse was his favorite
  • Josef Goebbels oversaw Nazi animation studio throughout the war, based on Disney, but not as cute


You can use the power of Keynote to supplement your video projects, especially for simple animations to illustrate a point. Any Keynote Presentation can be exported as a QuickTime movie that can be imported into iMovie (or FCP) and inserted into a regular video project. There are a few things to understand, listed below.

Plan it Out
  1. Prepare any graphics by, for example, removing backgrounds (this can be done in Keynote itself as well as Preview or Photoshop)
  2. Create a new project; 
    1. Any Theme will work, including White or Black
    2. You can customize the background, if necessary
    3. For widescreen projects, choose 1280x720 slide size
      1. This is the right shape for a widescreen iMovie project, regardless of its pixel dimensions
      2. It will import into iMovie the correct size
      3. If your project is not widescreen, either 800x600 or 1024x768 should work OK
Build the Animation
  1. Option is the Magic Key:
    • Option-drag the Smart Alpha tool to include non-contiguous areas (Keynote '09 only)
    • Option-click on a motion path to create a new point
    • Option-drag a corner to resize an object from the center
    • Option-drag a Bezier handle to pull in two directions at once
    • Command-drag a corner to rotate object (not the Magic Key, but good to know)
  2. Smart Builds can be useful; Tip: add it to your Toolbar (Control- or Right-click the Toolbar and choose Customize; drag to Toolbar)
  3. Build In/ Build Out is simplest: place the elements where you want them to end and then choose a Build In for each (Build Out, too if desired)
  4. Actions (especially Move) give more control
    • Place your graphic in the center of the slide
    • Select Actions > Move
    • Drag Start and Stop points to the proper location
    • Choose Curved Path, if desired
    • Option-click to add new points
    • Tip: You can do multi-stop animations by clicking the white cross in a red circle; each time you do that you get an independent path; you can specify a time delay for each arrival 
  5. Other ideas:
    • Animated Graphs
    • Make Motion Path from Shape (Format > Shape)
      • The Pen tool is most flexible, but any shape will work
      • The thing you want to move goes on top; the shape below
      • Select both and choose (Format > Shape > Make Motion Path)
Export for iMovie
  1. File > Export > QuickTime
  2. Set Playback Uses to Fixed Timing (or Recorded Time if you recorded a show); if left on Manual Advance, iMovie won't recognize it
    1. Set Slide Duration
    2. Set Build Duration
  3. Set Formats to Large, Full Quality (or choose Custom if you want to make specific settings or transparency)
  4. Include Audio, if you have it
  5. Unfortunately, the Include Transparency setting doesn't seem to work in iMovie; but it does in FCP and QuickTime Pro if:
    • You set Formats to Custom
    • Click on Settings and choose Animation codec
    • Ramp quality up to Best, if you want
    • For most projects, set Frame Rate to 29.97
    • Select OK to complete the Export
  6. In iMovie '09, choose File > Import > Movies; once imported, it's just another clip to use as you see fit
HELP with Keynote
1. Try the built-in Keynote Help Menu.
2. www.vtc.com Keynote (look for "Builds and Transitions") or iWork 09 (look for "New Features of Keynote 09" OR "Use Alpha Channel for Pictures") - contact Helpdesk, TRT, or ETTs for password

Are these parodies legal: an interesting overview (YouTube, so can't watch inside EUSD)
Tom Borer,
Jan 31, 2011, 12:04 PM