Project LIVE for 2016-2017

Project LIVE 2016-17 will be very different than in the past, so please read carefully to see if it’s right for you. To see the form at the bottom, be sure to log in to our EUSD Google account first.

Project LIVE 2016-17 will be my last year working with EUSD (I’m getting strong urges to take up shuffleboard and wear cardigan sweaters), and I would like to use this year to give those interested a bridge into Final Cut Pro X so that the filmmaking competencies we’ve built up over the years can flourish even more. This may be the last chance you’ll have for that to happen. Making the move from iMovie to FCP X opens up many new possibilities, yet the skills you’ve developed in iMovie X will serve you very well. While there is lots to learn (it’s a powerful program), you’ll be at least functioning very quickly. 

One of the attractions for you with FCP X is that there are tons more effects available to you (titles, transitions, picture effects, generators…). Every one of these things was constructed in a companion application called Motion. As its name implies, Motion is an application that allows you to make things move (i.e., animation, both 2-D and 3-D). While you don’t need Motion to use the built-in effects in FCP X, I would like to see you get Motion, too, so you have a pathway into modifying built-in effects or creating your own effects from scratch (see a few examples here). The goal would be for you to have some basic functioning skills in Motion by the end of the year, if only to modify and personalize built-in effects.

What Do You Get?
So, if you are still interested, here’s what you’d receive:
  • The latest version of both Final Cut Pro X and Motion [retail: $350]
  • Training in how to use both applications
    • You’ll complete one Final Cut Pro X project from beginning to end over the course of the 6 meetings (we’ll supply the media)
    • You’ll complete one (very basic) Motion project at each meeting. Over the course of the 6 meetings you’ll make one of each type (title, transition, generator, effect), as well as modifying some pre-built projects to better suit your needs. All of these will be available to you and your students in FCP X, just like the built-in effects.
  •  Hourly pay for the time spent in meetings [up to 12 hrs; 2 hrs/meeting; 6 meetings]

What Do You Give?

Here’s what would be expected of you:
  • In preparation to receive FCP X and Motion, your laptop would need to be updated to Mac OS X 10.11.x [El Capitan] some time over summer. This will require you to backup any crucial files, because they won't be there when you get the computer back. 
  • You would need to be available for the following dates:
    • September 12
    • October 3
    • November 7
    • December 5
    • February 6
    • March 6
  • A good faith effort to be at all meetings and complete the projects we do in the meetings.
  • One 30-second minimum finished work in any category to submit to iVIE (and EYMF, CSMF, etc. if you choose).

If, after carefully considering the good, bad, and ugly, you’re still interested, submit the form below. It’s possible we may not be able to accept all who apply. It all depends on how many choose to submit the form. 

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

2016-2017 Project LIVE Application: