(Learning through Instructional Video in Education) 

The goals of Project LIVE are to foster critical and visual literacy skills in both students and teachers to increase student achievement.

  • Build upon standards-driven instruction that leads to measurable student achievement gains
  • Foster the use of engaging learning environments
  • Increase student collaboration and problem-solving skills
  • Address the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • Project LIVE teachers will be learning to utilize a variety of digital tools from companies such as Apple, Canon, and use of the iPad.


And the 2020 iVIE Winners Are:



Persevere to Achieve

Dir. George Malak

1 min., Grades K-5, Juniper Elementary, PSA

Short Narrative

The Nightmare

2 min., Grades K-5, Juniper Elementary, Short Narrative

Middle School



Dirs. Delilah Ramirez, Madison Taylor

1 min., Grades 6-8, Bear Valley Middle School, DIY

Short Narrative


Dir. Carter Lampman

5 min., Grades 6-8, Quantum Academy, Shorts Narrative

And EUSD Alumn - High School

Bill Simpson Grand Recognition Winner

Time of Death

Dir. Howard Kung

2 min., Grades 9-12, San Pasqual High School, Short Narrative

Congratulations to our 2020 iVIE Nominees

From Central School, in the Class Video category, Ms. Reyes’ Kindergarten class is nominated for Aquaponics "School.”

From Lincoln Elementary, Ms. Tran's class, Jayden Hernandez is nominated for his video entitled, Make A Movement.

From Quantum Academy, Ms. Murphy Seventh Grade student Carter Lampman is nominated for Babysat.

From Juniper Elementary, Ms. Catalanotto’s students received four nominations: The Nightmare and Diagnosis Diabetes in the short narrative category,  Persevere to Achieve in the PSA category, and Paws for the News: Science Minute in the News Story category.

And from Bear Valley Middle, Mr. de Neve’s B-TV crew: S.L.A.N.T.,  Delilah Ramirez & Madison Taylor, Do it Yourself Middle School Category, and iPad Help, Delilah Ramirez & Madison Taylor, Do it Yourself Middle School Category.


Everyone Student Can Make Videos

A few years ago students needed cameras and access to computers to make videos. Now with the iPad, every student can film and edit their videos anytime, anywhere.

Have a look at our iMovie App for iOS page in EUSD iPad Tutorials. There you and your students will find many helpful links to capabilities like iMovie’s incredible new green screen.

PLEASE NOTE, at the bottom of the page, the eBook from Apple: Everyone Can Create Video. With Apple ID’s students can now download eBooks to their iPads.

If you have ever felt shy about teaching editing in iMovie, your worries are over. This eBook offers step-by-step instructions, including practice clips to download. Students can do the activities independently, or you can download the Anyone can Create Teacher's Guide (available in upper and early learner versions). 

[NOTE: The only activity I recommend that you skip is the iMovie Trailers; It’s fine if you are advertising a bake sale, but very limiting for individual student creative expression.]

Everyone Can Create Video also cover the Clips app, which enables dynamic video production, but is much easier to use than iMovie. (Clips for iOS - EUSD)

As always, if you need assistance, contact anyone on the Tech TOSA Team. (Our Calendars)

Project LIVE will offer workshops throughout the year open to all teachers.  

Individual support also available, contact Todd  Mattox, tmattox@eusd.org

New Stuff:
iPad iMovie has Green Screen with masking.

This Year EYMF will offer a Animation Category

Stay-tuned for details




  • Meeting Dates and Topics
  • Project Due Dates


  • Learning
  • Media 
  • Storyboards


  • Camera
  • Sound 
  • Lighting



  • iMovie Resources
  • Final Cut Pro Resources
  • Editing
  • Publishing










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